Thursday, November 10, 2005

Wireless is like gold ....

So, Im sitting in a food court at 9:00pm Chicago time in LAX syphoning Japan Air's free wireless from their lounge ... suckas.

Im on my way to pole, in an hour im gonna board my flight to Auckland, NZ. Its 12.5 hours in the air, during which I will cross the international date line and travel 24 hours into the future. I arrive at Auckland at 6:30 their time, and then fly to Christchurch at 8:00 ... finishing my ~24 hours in or near airplanes at 9:30am Christchurch time. See my other blog for kids for info on the time zone differences.

So, I packed up a ton of stuff ...

Good Bye Chicago!!!

We flew over the rocky mountains and Las Vegas. I got a few great photos of the Rockies from the plane window. Here is a sample!

ok, I better get going cause I need to get to my plane soon! Hopefully I can add some more cool news once Im settled in NZ, Ill be there for 2 days, so hopefully itll be easier to get on the net from my hotel.

Already miss chicago, but kinda excited for whats ahead. Check back in a day or two!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Robert...I hope you have a nice time at New Zeland first and later at the Pole. Careful with Mordor. Have the pinguins keep you warm on the pole ( I know they don't make it there but still it's funny)...make sure nothing falls from you. Well man, enjoy the trip and take a lot of pictures...have a safe trip!!!

Your friend Anibal

10:31 PM CST  
Anonymous One happy brother said...

Cool ! .... hmmm I mean Cold ... oops ... whatever, Elf. Just keep those pinguins off the telescope, will ya ?

10:44 PM CST  

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