Monday, November 07, 2005

Send Off Party

Sunday Night I was very happily surprised by my friends with a little send off party. Thank you to everyone who made it, and especially Felipe, Reid and Zarah for making it happen!!! I have some pictures I took with my awesome new camera, so check them out!

Emily thinking about how much she's gonna miss me, suprisingly not very morose ...

Lisa and Ivo, a lovely couple indeed!

Justin and Martha, another lovely pair.

Me happy with a beer, and felipe trying to get in on it or something.

Chad so very proud of his balloon craeature, is that supposed to be a dog?

Anibal diggin into the good ass food and deserts everyone brought.

Me and my buddy Wojtek who wins the award for the most rediculously complicated Pot Luck contribution for the 2nd straight pot luck.

Me, Emily and Seren, astrobuddies.


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