Thursday, November 24, 2005


Happy Thanksgiving!

I added a new post to spadventure about the climate and weather at the South Pole. It was based on a science talk given here last weekend. Its not complete, but there is some cool information you might want to check out. Visit Antarctic Climate and South Pole Weather.

Also, I have been assembling panoramas little by little. I mentioned them in a previous post, but the link I provided was broken and the pictures weren't displaying when I tried them. I fixed this and now you can view the full size files at

Or you can check out these smaller versions with descriptions.

The view out onto McMurdo Sound, the ice runway is on the right. McMurdo sound melts in the mid summer season and allows for the passage of US Coast Gaurd ice breaker ships. Many of these are somewhat out of shape, so this year they will welcome a 50% larger Russian boat. McMurdo Sound is the port of entry from NZ and lies on the edge of the Ross Ice Shelf, which does not ever melt.

Another view from McMurdo, from atop a ridge, looking out over the edge of the Ross Ice Shelf.

A panaorama of the main portion of the South Pole Station grounds. I took this atop a giant snow pile.

This picture almost worked out, if it werent for the pesky French and German flags being in two places at once! I thought those guys worked this out already.

A view from out in the Dark Sector where MAPO is located. The Dark Sector is called that because its the part of station that is supposed to be isolated for the best Astronomical research environment.

Tons of stuff has been going on around the telescope. I have pictures of that and the rest of the grounds that I still havent posted. Ill try to get that on tonight, along with a posting on spadventure regarding the QUaD telescope. Oh, and in case you were worried, Ill be having turkey and fixins on Saturday (tomorrow). Have a Happy and Safe Holiday with your friends and loved ones!


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happy thanksgiving rob!
hope you're feeling as fat and drunk as I am...

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